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New plastic pallets

Display pallet DP 6040 Q

Dimensions: 600x400 Racking load: /

Display-pallet : DP 6040 S

Dimensions: 600x400 Racking load:

Nestable plastic pallet : LP 6080 R3

Dimensions: 800x600 Racking load:

Display Pallet 600x400 DP 6040 Eco

Dimensions: 600x400 Racking load:

Reusable plastic pallet : IP1212HR3RR

Dimensions: 1200x1200 Racking load: 1000kg

Reusable plastic pallet : LP 1208 CD Blue

Dimensions: 1200x800 Racking load: -

Used plastic pallets

€ 30

Used pallet 1200 x 1000 mm CD (Grey)

Dimensions: 1200x1000 Racking load: 1250 kg
€ 22

Used H1 Pallet without stamp

Dimensions: 1200x800 Racking load: 850 kg
€ 22

Used pallet 1200 x 1000 mm with AntiSlip

Dimensions: 1200x1000 Racking load: 1000 kg