About Indupack

As a manufacturer and supplier, Indupack bvba is one of the world leaders on the market of plastic pallets. These innovative, logistical resources are in almost every aspect a better alternative to the familiar wooden pallets, because of the many advantages that plastic pallets have to offer.

Production of plastic pallets

Our production includes both reusable pallets as export pallets (single trip). Indupack also produces thermoformed pallets and custom made pallets. In addition to the production and sale of new plastic pallets, the purchase and sale of used plastic pallets forms a very important part of our activities.

Your partner in plastic pallets and logistics

Years of experience, large inventory and customer-focused organisation guarantee excellent products with short delivery times and a very dependable service. In short, Indupack is the designated place for pallets thanks to our contribution to improve the logistics ensuring higher profits and satisfied customers.