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Speciaal gemaakte thermoformed plastic pallets

Indupack also has a thermoforming department that is often an answer for the plastic pallet projects with special dimensions.

The big advantage of thermoforming in comparison with injection-moulding is the lower moulding-cost, this means that thermoforming is also interesting for relative small production-series.

Another advantage is the possibilty to produce very large parts (up to 3350x1800mm !) and the short delivery-time due to the ‘simple’ moulds.

How does it work?

Vacuum forming is accomplished by taking a flat sheet of plastic, heating it until it softens, then using a vacuum to pull it onto a contoured surface where it is held until it cools and hardens

Complete service

We make all our prototype- and production-moulds in our own workshop with CAD/CAM-support, so we offer our customers a complete ‘solution’ : from the first scetches, to 3D-design, to mould-building, to production, until the finished products.

3D Model Wooden prototype mould
Aluminium production mould The final product

Examples of products: Export pallet (1400x800x150 mm)

Another example: Pallet for internal wheel-storage (1400x1200x180 mm)